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Rest Homes Articles

Israel Tightens Its Grip

ISRAEL has vowed to expand its offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip as its troops took control of approaches to Gaza City in an apparent attempt to seal off the main population centre from the rest of the Palestinian stronghold.

Retirees Choose Easy Living

MANUFACTURED homes are becoming increasingly popular with retirees keen to make the most of their savings and investments.

Car Attack Brings Call To Destroy Homes

ISRAELI Defence Minister Ehud Barak wants the homes of terrorists demolished after they carry out an attack, as part of a plan to deter such terrorism.

Barak Urges Swift Retaliation On Terrorists' Homes

THE Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, wants the homes of terrorists demolished shortly after they commit an attack as part of a plan to deter further terrorism-related incidents.

Housing Problems

Housing problems Our local pollies have realised there is a shortage of affordable houses in the Illawarra and now want private investors to share in building these houses. The Government will allow a developer to demolish existing housing commission homes and build medium density housing on that site.